Alan Lambert, the Bistro and the SaddleBrooke Plant Based Nutrition Group


Dick Kroese

Alan Lambert, Executive Chef, recently introduced us to a new menu at the MountainView Bistro for our evening dining. A lot of effort on Alan’s part was to add plant-based items to the menu. SaddleBrooke Plant Based Whole Food Group picked four of the vegetarian/vegan items and had a party eating those four items. None of us expected that we would attract the number we did to the event during the summer (41 total people). We filled the East Room to capacity. One of the biggest hits was the Beyond Beef Burger. Twenty-one out of forty-one ordered that item.

One of the things that makes this new menu so attractive is that all the ingredients under a menu choice are listed, so if you decide that you do not want that ingredient, you just tell your server that you want that particular item omitted. This event was so successful that we have scheduled another one in the East Room for August 29.

Thanks, Alan, for giving us such a wonderful menu for all of SaddleBrooke!