Adventure Hike to Dome Rock

The flag on a hill above SaddleBrooke (Photo by Elisabeth Wheeler)

Elisabeth Wheeler

It is amazing that hikers can depart from SaddleBrooke and hike directly into the wilderness below the Santa Catalina Mountains. Hikers from SaddleBrooke have developed a network of trails to places like Picnic Rock, the Dome, the double-crested Saguaro, and Flag Hill.

Jeff Love guided a group of hikers to explore these landmarks. Due to the overgrowth of grasses, Jeff used flagging and his GPS to guide us. Along the way, vibrant blue morning glories decorated many parts of the trail. Picnic Rock overlooks the junction of several canyons and provides a panoramic view of the Tucson and Tortolita Mountains. The granite outcropping Dome is visible from most of SaddleBrooke. Below the Dome is the renowned double-crested Saguaro.

From here, Jeff led the group on a bushwhack hike to Flag Hill. Hikers had fun trying to spot their homes in SaddleBrooke. Thanks, Jeff, for an outstanding adventure!