A Soldier’s View of the Flag

Stuart Watkins

The soldier often saluted the flag,

The flag of the United States of America,

As he started each morning reporting for duty.

He never knew what the day held in store,

He only knew he served and served with pride,

The pride of brothers and sisters in uniform

Some serving at home, some overseas,

Some on foot, air, and some at sea.

When danger threatened the home of his family,

His neighbors, church members, and strangers,

He was ready to stand front and center

Knowing others were beside him

Ready to fall if need be, ready to die.

When taps sounded at the end of the day

Sometimes tears would well up in his eyes

As he remembered the fallen.

The flag is a proud symbol of freedom

And when it waves across the sky

It is caressed by the spirts of dead defenders

And revered by those who survived.

The flag of the United States of America

May it forever represent

The home of the brave and the free.

Thanks to those of you who served

Thanks for keeping all of our citizens