A Newcomer’s Perspective on Swim Club

New members (left to right): Connie Carroll, Lois Byrd, Paige Szajnuk, Mike Schwarz, Lori Lyle (photo by Norb Lyle)

Lori A. Lyle

“Join the Swim Club!” they said. “It’ll be fun!,” they said—and, boy, were they right! When my daughters (who were competitive swimmers in high school and college) visited last year, the first thing they did was head to the DesertView pool to do some lap swimming.

At the pool, they encountered the SaddleBrooke Swim Club conducting their daily practice. Although technically the DesertView pool is reserved for the Swim Club from 7 to 11 a.m., the coach graciously welcomed my daughters, so they were able to complete their workout while getting to know the club members. The minute they got home, they urged me to join.

I was ready for a new adventure and wanted to meet more people—plus, the weather in SaddleBrooke definitely lends itself to the pool. So, after much trepidation and excuse-making, I finally went to a practice. And am I glad I did!

I learned that the club has at least six coaches who volunteer on a rotating basis. They’re all extremely accomplished and carry loads of experience. In addition, they are adept at coaching all levels of swimmers—from beginners to someone who has competed for years. I also found out that the coaches are on deck to help me do my best and improve my technique to avoid injury. They are not there to pressure me. There is no pressure to compete, no pressure to finish every single set, there’s not even pressure to attend practice. I didn’t experience any of that. What I experienced is helpful advice to reach my goals, as well as support from team members, commiseration when things get hard, understanding, laughter, and fun.

Connie Carroll, another new member to the club, says that, at 77, anything that keeps her moving is a good thing. She wants to stay as fit as she can for as long as she can, and swimming is the perfect activity for her to reach this goal! An avid golfer, Connie is fighting arthritis in her knee and it’s limiting some of her more strenuous activities. She finds swimming is a great complement to her golf game, and best of all, swimming doesn’t hurt her knee! Connie has never swam competitively but loves the water and being outside. Connie didn’t join to compete, but to stay healthy. She says, “The welcoming people, along with the nice coaches and exercise, make it a great fit. We have a gorgeous pool with a gorgeous view—why not get outside and take advantage of it?” She also loves how wonderful you feel after a swim—relaxed, happy, and accomplished. And I agree—swimming will definitely put you in a great mood!

The Swim Club is open for new members, so check out the coaching calendar at saddlebrookeswimclub.org/coaching-schedule and come see what it’s all about!

In summary, I recommend you consider swimming as part of your overall New Year’s fitness resolutions.