A New Team Sport … Give Us a Whirl!

Rita Fletcher

Is it Pop Tennis? Is it ROC 60? Can all ages play on the same team? Can everyone win?

No, No, Yes, Yes!

On Sunday, Jan. 6, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the SaddleBrooke TWO MountainView Ballroom, there will be a free introduction to the sport of modern square dancing. Modern square dancing has two big changes. Music is one change. Today’s music is in. It’s no longer just old-time, traditional bluegrass music. Modern square dance music is a variety of country, rock, ‘50s through the ‘80s hits, techno, and Broadway. And we have two live callers! A second big change is that square dance attire is not required. Come in casual/comfy clothes and boots or shoes, please!

Modern square dancing is indeed a sport. You are walking with eight on your team, each player moving in an easy formation; the caller (quarterback) tells you what move (play) to execute, like in football. The square (huddle) then moves in a kaleidoscope of geometric patterns, all coming together cohesively at the end for a win—amazingly!

If you line dance, ballroom dance, or don’t dance at all, you will also enjoy modern square dancing. There are no complete routines to memorize, no set of positionally fancy dance steps. You don’t need to have any rhythm, either! If you can walk, you can square dance. You learn basic moves, but you do not know in what order they will be called by the caller. This makes for a constantly challenging and surprisingly fun time. The unknown or unexpected calls make recovering from occasional mistakes a part of the fun, with your square of eight friends all sharing a laugh.

Modern square dancing is social. You are constantly changing partners with the other people in your square of eight people.

Besides dancing, SaddleBrooke Squares is an active club. Thanks to Richard Martin and his SaddleBrooke Squares Super Social Squad (SSSSS) who provide us with many non-dancing activities that are a hoot to boot! We go on tours, to the theater, concerts, parties, potlucks, scavenger hunts, and many other fun-filled events.

Because modern square dancing is easy to learn and do, there are no age barriers. Some members with over 30 years of dancing experience are alongside those who have just learned.

In 2019, we added 45 new first-time square dancers from our club’s free Give Us A Whirl introduction to modern square dancing! Our 2020 students have returned and joined our September 2021 class, and they are scheduled to graduate in December 2021. This is the first time we have started two student classes within a one-year period.

More information is on the SaddleBrooke Squares website, www.saddlebrookesquares.com. If you have any questions, contact RMar[email protected] or call Richard and Donna Martin at 248-417-9157.

Are you ready for some fun? Bring your friends and come on out to the MountainView Ballroom on Jan. 6. You’ll be glad you did!