A new sport to try?!

SaddleBrooke Squares: “A” team effort!

SaddleBrooke Squares: “A” team effort!

Rita Fletcher

Team effort: Check! Contact sport: Check! Coach: Check! Fumbles: Sometimes! Victory: Always! Fun: Check!

The sport of Square Dancing is indeed a true team effort. A team of eight executes a variety of calls given to them as they dance and sing along. Mistakes sometimes happen but the fun is correcting them, as a team with a laugh, to quickly get back in the game. No mistakes are like a score of 100%; everyone gets a well done. It happens more times than not and the pride felt by each team member is like winning a trophy and a blue ribbon.

If you want to give square dancing a try, do! It is not what you may think, like when you first learned a few steps back in grade school. Modern square dancing is an active walk-about to upbeat music with friends. We are lucky to have a resident who is a professional caller. Many have learned and now enjoy this social experience while staying physically fit and mentally challenged.

Mark your calendars for October 11, a Sunday at 7:00 p.m. in the MountainView Ballroom for a free introduction to square dancing that you can do without any previous experience. Come see what the excitement is about. Dress is casual. See you on the square!

For more information contact Bonnie and Larry Kraber at 825 2678 or [email protected].