A Little Levity From the Ranch Stone Poker

Bruce Carlson

My name is Bruce Carlson and I live here in SaddleBrooke Ranch. Some of you may know me as a singer/songwriter. Some of you may know me as a Bible teacher/healing Evangelist/prison chaplain. Some of you may know me as Nancy’s husband. However, none of you know me as the “stone poker.” I have a 5.5-foot walking stick I carry on my every other day hour-long walks. I thought about how I could put that stick to use and why I carry it. So, I started poking stones. Today, I counted 102 stones poked from the curb back into yards. It looked good.

A few weeks ago, as I was walking and poking around, I came up behind a man flipping garbage can lids back into place on a very windy day after garbage pickup. I said to him, “As you reset the lids, I’ll be resetting wayward stones.” We had a good laugh about keeping things in order.

I teach an interdenominational Christian Bible study Monday evenings beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Impact storefront next to Carlota’s Mexican Restaurant. All are welcome!