A gala evening with Lillie and Dolly

Lillie and Dolly

Lillie and Dolly

Sue Robisch

Lillie and Dolly were on their best behavior with their coats all brushed and shiny, their manes and tails combed to perfection. They wore their sparkly, colorful shoes. They were ready for the big party. They knew they would be a big hit and draw in big dollars for their teammates and the precious children who depend on them so much.

You see, Lillie and Dolly are miniature horses, spokespersons for Little Hooves & Big Hearts. LHBH is an equine-guided therapy program located in Oracle, Arizona. The big party Lillie and Dolly attended was a gala fundraiser for the not-for-profit organization. SaddleBrooke residents, Sue and Lou Robisch, joined them at the party. Lou is Director of Community Outreach and Sue is a member of the Advisory Board. They both volunteer their services.

The gala was held at the Scottsdale home of our sole benefactors, Patty and Fred Green. Patty is co-founder with Tammy Mockbee who is the executive director of the organization and a resident of Oracle. Their spacious home was adorned with lights spelling out Little Hooves & Big Hearts. The red carpet was rolled out for guests as they arrived. The evening featured a buffet dinner, silent auction and a video presentation highlighting the benefits of the program and how LHBH changes lives. The evening culminated in a live auction with items donated by several sponsors. The guests were generous with their bids and a substantial amount was raised.

The star participants received many oohs and aahs all evening. But what they were really interested in was a rewarding dinner of grain and oats and a good night’s sleep. The next day they went back to work doing what they like best – helping children with special needs.

Many children with special needs benefit from one-on-one therapy sessions at LHBH. The lives of these children are enriched by these gentle and sensitive animals. Our instructors are certified in Equine-Guided Education; also certified by PATH’Intl (professional association for therapeutic horsemanship). For more information on Little Hooves & Big Hearts visit our website at www.littlehooves.org or call the Oracle office at 520-896-2820.