7 reasons to learn line dance at move to the music

Line Dancing will:

1. Teach you to move rhythmically. Line dancing teaches you to actually move your body.

2. Improve your balance: teaches you how to maintain your own balance while moving to the beat.

3. Help you find the beat: Learning to find the beat and timing of any dance is critical before getting with a partner.

4. Teach you basic footwork. Learn how to do triple steps, turns and spins, rocking steps and many other steps that you will use in every form of dance.

5. Improve your confidence. Helps overcome feeling of having “two left feet”; Offers sense of pride and accomplishment and improves your coordination.

6. Provide you with a dance outlet whether you have a partner or not. Many line dances are written so that they can fit multiple songs providing you many dance opportunities, including to the radio in your own kitchen.

7. Prepare you to participate in local and regional line dnce. Every year there are regional workshops where you can dance with the choreographers, other local teachers and friends from other communities. The Rincon Line Dance Workshop February 24, 2019, Desert Dance in Mesa, January 11-13, 2019, Casa Grande workshop, December 17.

Learn to dance at move to the music, eight sessions, 1.5 hours. $45. Tuesdays: January 8-March 5 (no class January 22 SaddleBrooke One Fitness Center 4:15-5:45 p.m. Soft soled athletic shoes required. Class size limited to 15.

Basic line dance moves will be used to produce a moderate exercise routine. All of the routines taught will easily transfer to other line dance venues or learned quickly enough to enable dancing at typical SaddleBrooke social events.

Taught by Bonnie Schoenfelder, a nine-year member of SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club and Instructor in Line Dance for Bloomington Minnesota Parks and Recreation Department. Questions: call/text 952-897-0291.or email: [email protected] to reserve your place.