50s and 60s Sock Hops planned

Jane Gromelski

Return with us to those thrilling years when we were young. Some of us went to the dances and danced; some watched from the sidelines. Bah to that! We can all get on the floor and dance with our own moves—come and have fun to the music of our golden youth! Age has given us confidence and a glass of wine also helps. People keep telling me that these are the most fun parties!

We have two Sock Hop dances scheduled for 2018. The first one is Wednesday, January 31 in the MountainView Ballroom. The second dance is Tuesday, March 13. The same great band, 3 Jacks and A Julie (AKA Wild Ride), will play for our listening and dancing pleasure. They will play the same great music we enjoyed at the Sock Hops last year. A live band adds extra excitement to a dance, especially when they are good! Sometimes you just have to get on the dance floor and move to the music!

3 Jacks and A Julie will play many of our favorites from the 50s and 60s; The Everly Brothers, Elvis, Roy Orbison, the Beach Boys, Patsy Cline and even songs from Grease! The band is so talented. I don’t have to build them up in this article, their music speaks for them. When they play the Righteous Brothers’ Unchained Melody there isn’t a woman listening who doesn’t want to be on the dance floor in her partner’s arms swaying to the music. I have seen dancers heading out the door for a break turn in mid-stride to get back to the dance floor. I repeat this in every article, but the phenomenon occurs at every dance.

MountainView and Pat Beeks try to make this a great evening for everyone. The menu for the January dance includes: brown sugar glazed ham, roasted fingerling potatoes, green beans, salad, rolls and butter and, drum roll please, carrot cake cupcakes. Carrot cake counts as a veggie! If you have special dietary needs, the Chef can accommodate you. Tickets will be $29 per person; they will be on sale at the MountainView Office in December. As usual, doors and cash bar will open at 5:00 p.m., the buffet at 5:30 and the band will start performing at 6:30 p.m. They will play until 9:30 p.m. Wear your poodle skirt and saddle shoes or your jeans and your Dad’s white shirt, or dress as we do today; come and listen to the band or come and dance. This promises to, again, be a very entertaining evening. Return to those youthful days; let’s have fun at a (shoes on) Sock Hop!

Come and dance! Come and listen!