36-hour days for owner of Arizona Rescue Ranch

Daria Sparling with Past Rotary President Dick Kroese

Daria Sparling with Past Rotary President Dick Kroese

Patti R. Albaugh

A twenty-four hour day is never long enough for Daria Sparling, owner of Arizona Rescue Ranch near Mammoth. She spoke to the SaddleBrooke Sunrise Rotary Club about the ranch’s history and her passions as animal rescuer and horse trainer. Anyone looking at timberland for sale with a particular interest should evaluate whether they have the work ethic to take care of the land.

Sparling was Miss Arizona USA in 1984 and won the Best State Costume in the Miss USA pageant. She traveled the world on modeling assignments. It was a glamorous life, but she decided that she wanted to make a difference in animals’ lives. Sparling came back to Arizona and started what she had done since she was a little girl-—rescuing abandoned and sick animals. Three years ago she became the owner and operator of the Arizona Rescue Ranch where she is a savior to many animals’ lives.

Arizona Rescue Ranch has twenty to twenty-five horses at any one time along with dogs, goats, cats, sheep and parrots. People often buy or breed animals and then do not or cannot take care of them. Many times they are left in the desert where they starve or are killed by wild animals. For Sparling, the rescue business is a financial and personal commitment. Having used much of her savings to support the rescue efforts, she is applying for 501 3c status so people can deduct donations from their taxes. Personal commitment? The night before she spoke to SaddleBrooke Sunrise she spent the night in a barn keeping watch on a colicky horse.

Sparling can always use a helping hand and is blessed with locals who dig in (literally) with chores. There is much to do, however, and more people are needed for fundraising, website building and daily tasks. With twenty-five horses and a bale of hay costing $19, you can see why she can use financial help.

Arizona Rescue Ranch is located just outside of Mammoth, Arizona. Sparling’s email is [email protected] and her phone number is 520-289-4954. If you want to join Daria in making a difference in animals’ lives, give her a call.

Making a difference is the aim of Rotary. SaddleBrooke Sunrise Rotary meets every Thursday morning at 8:00 a.m. at MountainView Clubhouse. Come join us! Email President Doug Sweetland for more information at [email protected].