2019 MPMGA Tournament of Champions

MPMGA Tournament of Champion Winner Jim Donat flanked by Matt Kambic and Dick Helms.

Jim Donat

Every year the MPMGA recognizes the winners from the previous year and invites them to play in the Tournament of Champions. To gain entry into the tournament, players at a minimum have to win a singles tournament, win two tournaments as part of a two-man team, win four tournaments as part of a four-man team or some combination of the above scenarios. Even though the requirements to get in are tough, 66 players entered the field to compete. The tournament was held at the Preserve Golf Course. The field was split into six flights with three from the mixed tees and three from the green tees. The tournament was played on January 10, with an overcast sky and the winds relatively mild. Several layers of clothing were required with only a few souls wearing shorts.

The day resulted in one winner from each flight with the lowest net score as well as an overall winner for the tournament. From the Purple/Green tees the winners were Flight 1: Jim Donat with a 62, Flight 2: Dennis Marchand with a 64 and Flight 3: Dan Alderman with a 67. The winners from the Green tees were Flight 1: Larry Fox with a 63, Flight 2 David Cohen with a 64 and Flight 3 Phil Noll with a 68. As well as a nice payout, these winners also received a guaranteed spot in next year’s Tournament of Champions. As an added bonus Jim also received a wonderful letter from the handicap committee letting him know that they are watching him.

The overall winner was one of the better looking MPMGA members, the humble Jim Donat (62), barely beating out Larry Fox (63) and Dennis Marchand (64). Jim also had a personal best low gross of 74 beating out Scott Davis and Tony Van Natter at 75. Best gross score on the Green tee was Phil Gray with an 80 beating out Larry Fox at 81. As most of us know, your cart mate and foursome can make or break a good round. Jim was happy to have Mick Borm in the cart keeping the mood relaxed and fun and Bob Ogle and Bob Eder rounding out the foursome.