The 2018 MPMGA Board is set


Bob Edelblut

Officially it is accurate to say that January 1, 2018, was the first day of work for the MPMGA’s new Board. Unofficially I can assure you that almost all spent the month of December immersed in the discovery process. Rumor has it that some questioned their individual sanity for volunteering in the first place but everyone showed up for the first meeting of the year on January 15, raring to go and of course to have their picture taken with the group. Welcome one and all.

The club’s new President is Matt Kambic. It is truly amazing that he was willing to take on this responsibility after spending the prior year as our Tournament Director. Larry Fox returns as our Vice President and I think this may be his sixth year on the Board. Greg Cahill (Membership Chairman), Dan Nordhill (Sponsorship Chairman) and Bob Edelblut (Secretary/Publicity Chairman) are also returning to complete the last year of their terms. Al Bolty (Rules Chairman) enjoyed his role as the rules guy so much that he also is returning for a new two-year term. Ed Skaff is the club’s new Treasurer and Don Erickson is the club’s new Special Events Director. Both are joining the Board for the first time. Dan Schroeder and Dick Helms are both returning to the Board after brief absences. Dan will be our new Handicap Chairman and Dick will once again take the reins as our Tournament Director. Congratulations and thanks again to all of you who serve.

And to the four of you—Bob Eder, Tom Quinn, Harry Clausen and David Cohen—who finally retired at the end of the year, a special thanks for all the time and energy you invested in making our Men’s Club great.