2 Your Health: Self-Worth and Massage

Heidi Overman, Licensed Massage Therapist, #MT-24997

One of the themes I have tried to live by is that self-care is not selfish. For the last few years, I’ve spoken about this to my clients, hoping they understand the value of what they are doing for themselves by receiving regular massages.

However, in dissecting and really exploring, I’ve found that we first must figure out our self-worth.

So, what does that mean?

How do you understand your self-worth?

I’ve heard many people order dessert at dinner and say to the table, “I deserve it” or “I’m worth it.”

People will do something perceived as indulgent and outwardly say, “I’ve worked hard for this, so I can do it,” ultimately trying to justify or give themselves permission to acknowledge themselves—everyone does it; I do it—almost as a way to validate their decision to take care of themselves.

This is really difficult when I give clients massages. They feel so much better, they know it’s good for them, and I hear them trying to justify to themselves that it’s okay that they got a massage for themselves.

Really acknowledging yourself and believing that you are worth it will start your journey into self–care!

So, I’m challenging you to think about yourself. Think about what you need to do to feel good. Think about your aches and pains. Are they getting worse? Why? Are you taking care of them when they start so you have a more enjoyable quality of life? Quality of life is so important.

Here are some massage reviews. These are the people who understand that they are worth it! You are, too!

“I always feel so much less tension and aches after every massage.” “Massage has helped me tremendously.” “Helped me feel better after my first session!” “Did wonders for my shoulder stiffness post-shoulder replacement.” “Always leave a massage feeling renewed.” “The pain relief I experienced in just one session will keep me coming back again and again!” “Since I’ve been receiving regular massage, my pain is more manageable because of knowledge and experience about how the human muscular system should work and how to make the muscles relax. However, one of the best results from massage is a good night’s sleep.” “Massage has made a huge difference in my life as I have aged.”

Validation is a powerful thing. I have found that even though it’s nice to have validation from those we love and the people around us, the most powerful validation is our own. Take care of yourself!

Heidi Overman has moved and is now at her own studio in Oro Valley.

If you are interested in a therapeutic massage, please call her for an appointment at 520-334-8303. The website is www.bluelemonhealthandwellness.com, and she is located at Blue Lemon Massage, LLC, 10132 N. Oracle Road, Suite 160, Oro Valley, AZ 85739 (in the business park behind the Fairfield Inn in Oro Valley).