SBWGA fall luncheon

Ret Convey

The bright pink piggy banks, stuffed full of nickels dimes and quarters by the ladies of the SBWGA, were the stars of the show at the Fall Luncheon.

The little piggies are now smack in the middle of Nancy Huffman’s dining room table where she and her team of volunteer bean-counters are gearing up to sort through the mountain of coins and when that job is complete, our generous sponsor, Kevin Schaefer, Certified Financial Planner of Spirit West, will match the donated funds and send a check to the local chapter of Multiple Sclerosis.

Frankly, we can’t think of a better way to kick off our season than by sending a ray of hope to the many whose lives have been affected by that disease.

Speaking of stuffed, we feasted on loaded baked potatoes and divine chocolate cake while we met our newest members, Sheila Pierce and Kaye Caulkins, who were introduced by their big sisters. We extend a big welcome Sheila and Kay; we’re so glad you’re with us!

And speaking of welcome, several of our snowbirds have landed and seeing them sitting among us at the luncheon was cause to celebrate – and that’s exactly what we plan to do for the next 12 months!

Welcome home, everyone!