SaddleBrooke Singles Club Enjoys a Night Out

Hazel Staloff

On Saturday, Jan. 18, approximately 20 members of the SaddleBrooke Singles Club carpooled to the site of our most recent dine-around, Carlotta’s. (One benefit of carpooling is the “designated drinker” status conferred on non-drivers.) Upon arrival, we received complimentary bowls of chips, accompanied by guacamole and salsa. Consistent with the generational preference for early dining, we took full advantage of the restaurant’s happy hour, with frozen margaritas proving a particular favorite. While checking out the comprehensive variety of entrees on the menu, we were advised by a member, Micki Johns, to save room for a dessert she praised highly—a concoction with the incongruous name of fried ice cream. Those diners who followed Micki’s advice took much of their tasty and amply portioned main courses home for the next day’s lunch and were doubly rewarded with a delicious treat and the prospect of it being provided at no charge to customers who paid their bill in cash.

SaddleBrooke Singles members bear no resemblance to Mrs. Gummidge in Dickens’ David Copperfield, a self-described “lone, lorn creature.” Rather, we are a convivial bunch who have formed strong, mixed-gender friendships and enjoy getting together for dinner in the Tucson area, taking day trips to points of interest, and attending events at members’ homes. We meet weekly for happy hour, Fridays at 4 p.m. Originally held in the Agave Lounge at SaddleBrooke One, happy hour has since expanded to other SaddleBrooke venues, notably the Preserve and MountainView Clubhouses. Due to prior bookings, people should check the location before attending. For more information about the SaddleBrooke Singles Club, contact David Dodd at [email protected]