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Senior Village member Marjorie Porta and Sasha take a break from downsizing her home.

Senior Village member Marjorie Porta and Sasha take a break from downsizing her home.

How to move on after living in paradise

Stephanie Thomas

No one wants to move from “the Brooke.” We have gorgeous weather, clubs, sports to keep us busy, multiple restaurants, and supportive friends, but in the back of our minds, we know that a day will come when we need to consider leaving.

After eleven years in SaddleBrooke, Marjorie Porta decided it was time to face this life-changing decision. Marjorie realized that she would not always be healthy enough to live alone. At first, the idea of moving seemed overwhelming-so many questions, so many decisions. Where to go, how to downsize, when to sell, how to assess her finances? It was more than she wanted to face by herself.

Sorting out how to sell your home and downsize quickly and efficiently can be a scary and daunting task, especially at Porta’s age. Fortunately, there are services out there that make this process easier. If you have found your retirement home, you’ll need to get out of your current home fast; it’s best avoiding the traditional real estate market for this and turning to companies like House Buyers of America who will close on your house within days of you accepting their offer. This is great for avoiding the hassle of the traditional real estate market, and by simply visiting their ‘we buy houses maryland‘ program, or wherever you’re based, downsizing will become a simple and easy task.

Marjorie turned to Senior Village for advice. For two years, she has been working with the Village to help her prepare for her move. Based on the experiences of Marjorie and other members, the Village recently created a Moving On team to assist members who are thinking about transitioning from SaddleBrooke. As Marjorie wisely suggests, “When planning to move, start early.”

Two member advocates from the Moving On team are assigned to work with each individual or couple throughout the process. They serve as personal advisors to answer questions and provide support. At the first meeting, Village members receive a packet of resources that includes names of no-fee consultants who will take you to visit long-term residences that fit your needs and budget; tips on how to downsize and plan moving day; references for packers, movers and estate sale agents; worksheets to calculate your current expenses compared to residence charges; and useful questionnaires for assessing independent- or assisted-living communities.

Marjorie enthusiastically recommended working with Moving On volunteers. “Senior Village takes away anxiety, especially if you are a woman alone. They are a great resource for information.” The Moving On team currently is working with ten Senior Village members who are laying the foundation for their transition from SaddleBrooke.

While it’s not easy to leave our community, there are many benefits to taking that step. Long-term care residences provide opportunities that aging in your home does not. For instance, your meals, laundry, and general housekeeping services are taken care of with transportation provided to appointments and shopping. You no longer worry about maintaining the physical upkeep of your property. Numerous activities, like movies and musical programs, are available on site, and social interaction encourages new friendships. With nursing staff on call, you will feel secure, day and night.

Senior Village recognizes the challenges in preparing to make a major life change. Let us help you plan ahead with our Moving On team. Call 520-314-1042 for more information or speak with a member advocate.