MSG presents opening of eyes

Speaker Nita Anders

Speaker Nita Anders

Julie Goodman

Metaphysical Study Group (MSG) will start its speaker season off with SaddleBrooke’s own Nita Anders on October 12, 2016 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. in the HOA 1 Activity Center. Nita will share her knowledge in a presentation titled, The Awakened Spirit in the Human Heart.

MSG is an exploratory group of like-minded individuals getting together to discuss spiritual and enlightenment topics. MSG presents programs of interest the second Wednesday of each month October through May and is open to everyone. There is no religious affiliation or creed.

In 1972 our speaker, Nita, had an experience of spiritual enlightenment through an incredible encounter with a Light/Energy Source. In that moment of surrender, an “Invisible Light” entered the crown of her head and washed over her in wave after wave after wave of surging pulsing energy; intensely powerful, yet at the same time, warm, tender and loving.

This experience changed the direction and focus of her life. Vowing to follow this “Light” wherever it might take her, she began her journey. This led her to study a philosophy called The Science of Mind where she became a student, a teacher and licensed practitioner in the art and science of prayer.

In 1989, Nita was led to another important teaching on body/soul energetics and The Feminine Mysteries. Together these teachings brought deeper insight into the Nature of God as Love and Law and into the nature of our own souls.

Her book, Hidden In The Heart; A Glorious Secret: One Woman’s Journey Toward Wholeness, published in 2009, tells her story.

Nita Anders moved to SaddleBrooke in 1992, retiring with her husband C.B. Anders from Mukilteo, a suburb of Seattle, Washington. She became a part of Metaphysical Study Group when it was chartered in 1995 and has remained an active member. In 1995 Nita began the MSG weekly meditation group; open to all, which continues to meet every Friday morning at 9:30 a.m. in the Bobcat Room at HOA 1.

MSG has several other interest groups which include: Reiki Share Group, Metaphysical Book Group, SaddleBrooke Bereavement Group and Spiritual Discussion Group. Please go to the MSG website at for further information.