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Knitted and crocheted items are displayed at our 2016 event.

Knitted and crocheted items are displayed at our 2016 event.

Carol Chiarello

Happy New Year! Is your resolution to knit (or crochet) more for family, friends and charity? Would you like to be creative, stimulate your brain, and be part of a friendly group? The Knit Wits could be in your future. Knitting is good for you

We are gearing up for our sixth annual Troop Support Baby Shower to be held on February 15. Members are busy knitting/crocheting blankets, hats and booties for the military families. This has been a great success in years past. Beth Bradford, Troop Support Coordinator, will join us and explain how baskets are created for the new moms. Besides handmade items, members also contribute items for mom and baby including lotions, bibs, baby spoons, shampoo, teethers, clothing and other necessary items.

Last year we did several classes to teach members new things—how to make a sweater that really fits, dying of yarn, making socks two at a time, just to name a few. We also had several lunches out and made road trips to local yarn shops. We also knitted for many different charities and will be voting on which ones to heavily support in 2017. Past charities included Kids’ Closet, Family First and Knitted Knockers.

Is it time to renew an old skill? Do you have a stash of yarn that you would like to use? Our Knit Wits group meets every Wednesday from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. in HOA 1 Arts and Crafts Center, Room 4. Dues for the year are $12. Why not check us out?