Winds & Strings musician of the month

Photo by Eddie Lopez

Marie Lopez

Winds & Strings is proud to introduce to you Marilyn Skoneczka, an outstanding flute player.

Marilyn began her musical adventure in Illinois playing the flute in fifth grade and also learning to play the piano. While still in junior high she played her flute in the Leaf River High School Band and continued playing in the band throughout high school. She also played the baritone sax for four years in the high school Demonaires Dance Band. However, Marilyn’s love for the flute outshined the piano and the sax so she concentrated on becoming an accomplished flutist. Her road through high school included flute ensembles and solos along with the marching and concert band. She was a member of the Illinois All-State Band for two years and while attending the University of Illinois, she played the flute in one of the concert bands along with the pep band at basketball games.

Later Marilyn put the flute aside to concentrate on her family with husband Dennis and their two boys, Jeremy and Jeffrey. In 1977 while living in Franklin, Massachusetts, the Franklin Community Band caught her eye and she decided to start playing again. After moving back to Illinois in 1980, Marilyn became a member of the Rockford, Illinois Flute Choir, playing in the choir for seven years.

Marilyn found herself in Virginia in 1990 where she played her flute at the Kirkwood Presbyterian Church. As a second-fourth grade teacher at Laurel Ridge Elementary, she played for various local and school events.

In 2011, Marilyn and Dennis moved to SaddleBrooke and a couple years later she became a member of SaddleBrooke Winds & Strings. In addition, Marilyn plays in a flute quartet with other Winds & Strings flutists which is now gearing up to play for local assisted living facilities. She also continues her flute playing at Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Church.

Winds & Strings is proud to have Marilyn as a member of the band.

If you would like to join us please do so. Give Jim a call at 520-241-3522.