Try English Country Dancing

Bob O’Grady

Fall is upon us, and maybe you feel like trying or falling into something new. Maybe you’re looking for an easy kind of dancing or exercise. Why not try English country dancing? It doesn’t have any hard steps to learn—mostly a lilting walk and easy patterns, nothing difficult to remember.

Our very patient teacher, Enid Fowler, who was born in Yorkshire, England, has a lot of patience and knowledge about these dances. She always makes sure we get a walk-through before each dance in case we’ve forgotten the pattern, which we usually have. There is a lot of laughter and fellowship. You are welcome to join us and give it a try.

There is no fee to participate, and we dance every Thursday from 3:30 to about 5 p.m., usually in the spacious Vermilion Room at the SaddleBrooke One clubhouse.

For more information, contact Enid Fowler at or 520-818-1932 or Kay White at or 520-818-9482.