Time to join the Men’s Golf Association – MPMGA

Jim Donat and Mike Miller

The new year is almost upon us. And if you like to play golf, now is the time to join the MountainView-Preserve Men’s Golf Association, also known as the MPMGA. If you are already a member, it is time to renew your membership. Membership is open to all men of Saddlebrooke regardless of whether you live in HOA1 or HOA2. The MPMGA has grown to 377 members and is looking to continue to grow.

The beauty of this golf association is that it meets the needs of golfers of all skill levels. The tournament directors will place you in a flight with players of similar skill. It is an excellent opportunity to meet other golfers in Saddlebrooke, engage in friendly competition and develop wonderful long-lasting relationships.

The weekly events take place on Thursday mornings and typically alternate between the Preserve and MountainView Golf Courses. A different game is played each week. It can be a 4-man, 2-man, or individual format. Sometimes you can choose your partners, other times a computer will pick partners for you. All types of different games are played, including Best Ball, Scramble, Shamble, Stableford and Medal Play just to name a few.

Special events are also held throughout the year. These events include the Member-Guest Desert Classic, Individual Match Play, Member-Member Match Play, the Stampede, Summer Bash, Winter Bash, the President’s Cup, Tournament of Champions and of course the Club Championship. The MPMGA is also involved in tournament play against other clubs in the Tucson area through the Pima Cup and participates with the MPWGA Woman’s Golf Association in the fun Mars-Venus Tournament. The association also schedules an association lunch after golf at least once a month.

The cost is minimal for the benefits received. If you join by Dec. 1, you will receive a discounted rate. For additional information please visit the MPMGA website at http://mountainviewmensgolf.org or contact the Membership Chairman, Mike Miller (phone: 314-265-3737, e-mail: membership@mountainviewmensgolf.org).