Thank you, SaddleBrooke

Collecting sodas

Collecting sodas

D. A. Nanna

During the Fourth of July weekend, SaddleBrooke Troop Support (STS) put out a call for its second annual Sodas for The Troops drive. Throughout the year STS supplies the Military Lounge (MLO) at Tucson International Airport with sodas, snacks and toiletries for active service members and their families traveling through the airport. Between now and September, 900 service members will arrive at TIA just for training and the MLO serves more than 5000 visitors annually.

George Bidwell, President of STS, reports this year’s soda drive was an overwhelming success. “SaddleBrooke came through with flying colors,” said Mr. Bidwell. “Our request for sodas went out to all of SaddleBrooke rather than to just one Unit and the response was amazing. During a five-day period, we received 204 twelve packs of soda, several 24-packs, assorted snacks and $220 in cash. It took five carloads over two days to deliver everything to the MLO. Many thanks to Jeanette and Dave Brinker, Bo Nanna and Doug Sifford for helping Louise and I load and deliver our soda caravan.”

Mr. Bidwell adds, “I would like to thank the Unit Reps and everyone in SaddleBrooke both personally and on behalf of our great organization. We are a 501(c)(3) charity doing this and many ongoing programs to help active duty men and women, veterans and their families in the Tucson area. We welcome you to join us—the rewards are indescribable.”

“The soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and their families truly appreciate your efforts and know the community of SaddleBrooke is a proud supporter of our military personnel.”