Tennis Club members enjoy Holiday Party

Jay Clayton Wilson

Long dresses and heels, blazers and ties, beauty and chivalry – the STC Holiday Party was a spectacular evening in the elegant venue offered by the Vistas Dining Room. SaddleBrooke One decorated the clubhouse and landscaping in a manner that would set a cultural standard for the Tucson desert. Colorful Christmas lights sparkled from every direction while a beautiful Christmas tree and Menorah display set the joyous atmosphere of this happy season.

Chef Dave masterfully prepared stations of New York Sirloin Roast as well as chicken breasts smothered in artichoke-tomato cream sauce, Mediterranean bowtie pesto, Bolognaise penne with sweet Italian sausage, wild mushroom risotto, Madera wine and the works. He celebrated his gem with a marvelously rich chocolate cake, thick with icing just the way we like it.

There is something so special about the Christmas season. Friends of all faiths seem closer. Sweethearts seem sweeter; husbands and wives seem more firmly bound in the caring they share with each other. No place was that more evident than on the dance floor after dinner. Waltzes were more elegant, the two step tunes were lovelier and the DJs blended them sensibly with high energy rock ‘n roll. It was interesting to note that the very first notes of a waltz magnetically drew everyone to the floor with a whirl of expectation that did not go unsatisfied. Then, with the area crowded by those who held each other close, rock ‘n roll guitars and drums suddenly reminded everyone that we are an active community whose remembrances are returned to the dynamics of fast paced music at the hand of Gus D’Oldie and Ms. Gina. And we were off again dancing to the music. STC dances tie a knot in that long tendril of aging that reaches for us.

Nearly 200 STC members and their guests initiated the season this way. It was one of STC’s most successful, enjoyable evenings. The entire throng was happy to be among friends to enjoy health and happiness. The STC Holiday Party set the tone as 2016 edged forward to an awesome close. All STC members and the entire SaddleBrooke community thank Debbie McGeehan and Mary Whitehead and all those members who volunteered to bring us together to glow with one another and add this beautiful Christmas party to our precious memories.

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