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STC hosts the Arizona Wildcats Tennis Team

The Wildcats gave SaddleBrooke residents Catalina Mountain a thrilling performance.

The SaddleBrooke Tennis Club played host to the University of Arizona Wildcats men’s tennis team as they played an exhibition match before a crowd of more than 120 spectators. Applause roared from the STC tennis center when 11 student athletes and one assistant coach delivered high caliber collegiate play for the entertainment of all SaddleBrooke…

Meet your 2015 STC Board Members

Left to right: Vice President Rick Waldorf, Member at Large Ginger Riffel, President TJ Duffy, Secretary Kay Sullivan and Treasurer Bob Stocks

The new SaddleBrooke Tennis Club board members began their service on January 1 and they have plans for some exciting events in 2015 beginning with Gender Team Tennis which is soon to begin. They’re excited to work with one another as well as with member-volunteers and club members to create a fun-filled year with additional…

2014 STC Tournament Singles Championships

Left to right: Ron Bechky, Stan Schneiderman, John Sochacki and Jim Abrahamson

Jim Abrahamson The SaddleBrooke Tennis Club championships were held the last week of March and the first two weeks of April. The first week was completed with the team of Bob Stocks and Craig McPherson meeting Dick Partridge and Sven Sandblom in the 70s doubles championship match. The match was a clinic in great tennis…