STC’s Bill Powell – an extraordinary career

Jay Clayton Wilson

Bill Powell met his wife in the ordinary way. It was a blind date to play miniature golf. He was with Delta Products in the sales and marketing department until his retirement. Ordinary, right? But beyond this there is nothing ordinary about Bill Powell.

Bill did not join STC until he and Sharyn had lived in SaddleBrooke for eight years. When he finally joined everyone thought, “Wow. What a nice player and delightful fellow.” Nice player, indeed. He regularly whipped up on the club’s better players and became sought after as a doubles partner. There’s a reason for this.

As a high school tennis player, he and his team won the Illinois State Championship. That accomplishment was followed by four years on the tennis team at Illinois State University.

How does a winner like Bill follow up on such athletic accomplishments? He became head pro and tennis director at a tennis club. That success led to becoming head pro and club manager at a large indoor tennis facility in Kalamazoo where he headed a staff of eight pros. Did you notice that the club had indoor courts? It also had carpeted surfaces and air conditioning. Yes. Air conditioning.

So, the next question might be, “Why did it take him eight years before joining STC?” The explanation lies in Bill’s unique personality. He likes people and bonds with them on a one-to-one basis. That’s a prime qualification for a successful sales career. In order to meet more people Bill gave free lessons to his neighbors in Unit 48. For years he simply enjoyed helping his friends improve their game. STC received only passing consideration until he decided to become involved in the club’s Organized Play program, once again to meet people and create new friendships.

Will Bill renew his tennis professional teaching certification? That question is unresolved. But he has a sincere resolution to maintain his excellent physical condition. That includes 100 pushups per day, weight lifting and a dedication to spinning where he and his friends spend about four days per week on stationary bikes. You may have seen his photograph on the front page of SaddleBrooke Progress with his spinning class. Yep, the front page. And it accounts for his fluid speed on the tennis court.

The emphasis of Bill’s life is on his love for other people and his dedication to reactive sports. He pushes himself. But he has been pulled into the STC tennis community as a good tennis buddy.

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