STC Tournament Turns Social

Jay Clayton Wilson

For a couple of decades the premier event at SaddleBrooke Tennis Club has been the annual Club Championships. Individuals who knew each other well played each other in doubles and singles to determine the winners for that year. It was fun.

Since fun entertainment and healthy, physical activity are the essence of STC membership, Chris Madsen suggested that a Calcutta event would provide the opportunity to accomplish those goals. In addition, rather than playing with the same people who are our usual partners, players would be paired with others who may or may not have the same skill sets. At the same time, those members who chose not to play can still join the fun by adopting those who do play.

Terry and Gary Rowell set the stage by volunteering for the Calcutta chairman’s role. They and a committee of volunteers compiled the names of 96 players who signed up to participate. The names were paired to play doubles with others who had signed up. Those doubles partners were assigned to one of 12 different teams imaginatively named Acers, Dinkers, Faulters, Lollilobbers, Netters, Moaners, Racqueteers, Smashers, Strokers, Spinners, Whiners and Wannabees.

Then the fun began. The Calcutta Bidding Party attracted over 130 members who furiously bid against each other for the right to ‘own’ one of the teams and share their moment of glory if their team won the event. Calcutta bidding can take many forms and it can be changed from year to year. Many who became engaged with the program for 2017 made suggestions for 2018, all of which will be discussed and evaluated by the Board. Primarily the objective will be to move forward with what has proved to be a sensational social tennis event.

Play extended over two consecutive afternoons. Following the final match STC hosted the Calcutta Party featuring BBQ and multiple slow cooker delights for all members and guests. Almost 200 people attended, many of whom were spectators and players who had been eliminated from competition. It was the best of the many STC parties so far this year thanks in large measure to the food committee that included Bonnie Johnson, Cheryl Simpson and Mandy Leith

Oh yeah. Even though Calcutta is a delightful social event, there were winners and runners-up. This year the pot was divided between the high bidders for the three winning teams, the Faulters, the Lollilobbers, who lobbed a lot, and the Netters who netted a few balls now and then. The fourth place Wannabees got a nice pat on the back. Everyone else got a wonder party and an everlasting memory.

Now that’s the kind of party that attracts residents to STC. Membership information can be obtained from Connie Kacer (825-7585) or by calling the SaddleBrooke Tennis center (825-0255). We want you to join in the fun while taking good care of your health. In fact, STC is here for you and our primary objective is the health and enjoyment of all SaddleBrooke residents.