Spotlight on Advertiser: Singing the praises of an active lifestyle

To participate in all the fun SaddleBrooke has to offer, good hearing is essential. That’s what three SaddleBrooke residents made clear as they sang the praises of their active lifestyle and their experience with Lifestyle Hearing Solutions.

Whether they became residents 17 years or 17 months ago, all enjoy the variety of activities available in their own backyard. And they appreciate having professional hearing specialists not far away.

A resident for 17 years, Mary said she enjoys many more amenities at SaddleBrooke than she had in her Chicago condo. She’s facing knee surgery so she can’t do every sport she once did but she admitted with a laugh, “I was a lousy golfer anyway.”

About her improved hearing, she said, “I clued into the fact my hearing had long been compromised when I could finally hear frogs croaking in my backyard.” Wearing hearing aids has meant restoring her ability to hear as it should be. The bonus? She no longer misses what’s being said in group conversations or at theater performances. “It’s funny how all the theater and symphony programs I love suddenly got better!”

Jeff moved to SaddleBrooke from Washington State 17 months ago and enjoys playing pickleball, softball and golf. He’s had success wearing hearing aids where he came from and sought out a center in Oro Valley that supported the brand he likes. Kerry Hamm at Lifestyle encouraged Jeff to buy an “in the ear” style, which is less prone to sweatiness from his five-days-a-week workouts. “When it comes to hearing, Kerry is my main dude,” Jeff declared.

Silvia has lived in SaddleBrooke since 2007 and over the years has taken advantage of book and French clubs as well as golfing, hiking, biking, swimming and more. Said this retired real estate agent, “It’s absolutely easy to meet people here. We pass each other on the street and do the SaddleBrooke wave!”

A bout with cancer curbed her activities recently but having on-site support groups such as Helping Hands has made a difference. So has having high-quality hearing aids.

“Unlike people I know, I had no hang-ups about getting hearing aids. Kerry has advised me well. My husband loves the ‘gizmo’ that streams TV directly into my hearing aids. I can hear more clearly and make adjustments through them—and I don’t have to crank up the TV volume anymore.”

When in her 30s, Silvia had injured her left ear. She’s grateful that Kerry was able to enhance the hearing in both ears. “I’ll tell anyone he’s amazing, caring and confident”.

It’s clear these SaddleBrooke residents believe in enjoying the sounds of life. And they’re happy to sing the praises of Lifestyle’s professionals who help them ensure that enjoyment continues.

July 17 Demo Day: Lifestyle Hearing Solutions provides an opportunity for SaddleBrooke residents to try the latest technology in hearing aids. This Demo Day takes place Wednesday, July 17 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Call 639-8760 to book a time for you to meet the hearing professionals and take home a new pair of hearing aids for a test run.