Splashing Onto the Scene

Linda Lyon

Just like the fish we catch (and release), the SaddleBrooke Fly Fishers has splashed onto the scene and is now an officially registered club with both SaddleBrooke One and SaddleBrooke TWO. Our club goals include providing fly fishing opportunities for members, education opportunities for all levels of fly fishers, and opportunities for the membership to socialize and build lasting relationships around the sport. To that end, we enjoyed our first social event before social distancing became a necessity. Over 30 people enjoyed lasagna, salad, bread, and tiramisu. Needless to say, no one went home hungry.

Club members are hoping to find a lot of hungry trout as winter thaws in the White Mountains and other locales. Our members have an incredible amount of experience fly fishing all over the world and are looking to share knowledge and good times. Examples include our vice president who owned two fly shops, another board member who ran a dude ranch for 37 years, and members who were fly fishing instructors and made parts for the Simms company. We also have several members who are brand new to the sport. This is why we’ll offer something for everyone and have already held fly casting lessons, participated in fly tying classes, and begun to discuss outings on which to venture.

Fortunately, even when our members are sheltering in-place, SaddleBrooke One’s golf course ponds offer us the opportunity to practice our skills. We are very grateful this option is open to us and are committed to being good stewards while enjoying the beautiful place in which we live.

In normal times, we’d ask those interested to attend one of our regular meetings on the third Monday of every month in SaddleBrooke TWO’s Catalina Room at 4 p.m. For now though, these meetings are on hold. So, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll keep you updated on club happenings. We look forward to hearing from you!