Senior Olympics State Swim Meet

Karin Bivens

On February 25 eleven SaddleBrooke Swim Club members (Samantha Martoni, Don Merritt, Ken McKinney, Nancy Pepek, Harold Peter, Robert Sears, Craig Shaffer, Gloria Tolaro, Ke Wang, Al Worth and Karin Bivens) competed in the Senior Olympics State Meet held at the Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center in Chandler, Arizona. The meet was well-organized. Staff members of the Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center timed the meet and Judy Gillies of Tucson was Head Referee. In total the 11 members of the SaddleBrooke Swim Club earned 42 medals (29 Gold, 9 Silver and 4 Bronze). This was one of the friendliest Swim Meets in which I have participated. People were made to feel welcome and were even served sandwiches, cheese and fruit after the meet. There was a wide range of swimmers including some who were doing their first meet, others who were experienced and even champion swimmers. It was great camaraderie.