SBWGA- 18 aces and tournaments – or not

Our September gross score winner Sandra Murray.

Our September gross score winner Sandra Murray.

Our September net ace, Eila Sallaberry.

Our September net ace, Eila Sallaberry.

Marsha Camp

Congratulation to our September Aces, Eila Salaberry and Sandra Murray. Sandra finished with a gross score of 80 and Eila carded a net 59. That’s some incredibly great play.

The Sampson and Delilah tournament with the Men’s club was a huge success. Monday, Sept. 9, was a full field event and the shamble/scramble format moved along smoothly. Thank goodness we didn’t have to use any of my drives. I did make two putts, which placed us sixth in our flight of five foursomes. Chef Dave rewarded all with a delicious luncheon of chicken and beef kabobs after the round.

The weather decided not to cooperate on the day of our Lagos tournament. However, luck was with us when we received a comparatively gentle rain on the 24th while Tucson was pummeled with the kind of whopper monsoon that has missed us all summer. Ergo, instead of suiting up for the big game, 18ers and 9ers headed to the clubhouse and played a game of Trivial Pursuit to decide the winners of the tournament. Even though our team didn’t know that Nick Price won two majors in 1994, we still managed to pull out a win. Do you know what Tiger Woods’ middle name is? A big thank you to our Niners hostesses for putting together the game and those gorgeous table centerpieces. They worked with chef Dave to provide a scrumptious lunch of chicken stuffed tomatoes on a bed of field greens and luscious lemon cake for dessert. I hope to show you some photos next month.

Question: Do lessons improve your game? This reporter went to our expert, Jane Chanik. Her answer was yes. But wait, there’s more. I asked our senior amateur champ, Gail Plimpton for her input. Several weeks before the championship tournament she took some lessons from our assistant pro. The rest is history. Okay, okay, you also have to p… pra… – oh – I can’t say it.

And now a rules correction from the September edition of the SaddleBrooke Progress.

While trying to remove pine needles from the area behind the ball, I accidentally hit the ball and it moved two inches. Is there a penalty? The correct answer is yes. The authority is rule 9-4b. If you cause the ball to move any place except on the putting green you must replace the ball and add one stroke to your score for that hole.

To avoid a lawsuit, I promised to add this correction from assistant pro, Jane Chanik. She wants everyone to know that she doesn’t and didn’t have a giraffe and armadillo. However, if she adopts another pet, she just might name it Giradillo.

And last, this from our astute commentators on the LPGA, when Hannah Green was lining up a putt.

“She has to hit this putt forcibly and firmly and in the right direction.” Yep, you heard it here folks, I can’t make this stuff up.