SaddleBrooke Tennis Club provides tennis shoes for the homeless

Photo by TJ Duffy

Photo by TJ Duffy

Jerry Fay

Recently I have started donating our used tennis shoes to the homeless in Tucson through the Z Mansion. The following is a description of the program: Thanks to Z Mansion Brides and Grooms

One-quarter million meals have been served to the hungry.

“I don’t know what I’d do without Sundays at the Z Mansion. It’s the one place where me and my grandkids can get a wonderful meal, find some new clothes and have a doctor look at baby Marta. It’s also just so beautiful. It makes me happy just being there.” — Maria

Every Sunday at the Z, up to 300 homeless women, men and children are served a bountiful brunch. A portion of the food is donated by Z Mansion brides and grooms (what a wonderful use of extra food from their receptions!)

To date at the Z:

• Over one-quarter of a million free meals have been served to the hungry

• Thousands of patients have been seen at the weekly first aid clinic

• Thousands of homeless guests have been provided free shoes and clothing

• Hundreds of homeless pets have been given check-ups and shots

• Countless brides and grooms have donated their time to help others

The Z Mansion is supported by numerous groups and the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club has been providing a critical need by donating our used tennis shoes to the Z Mansion. Shoes are one of the most needed items for the homeless and always in demand. Please take the time to place your used tennis shoes with the laces in the bin at the Tennis Center.

I have personally had the opportunity to volunteer at the Sunday brunch and it is a humbling experience to serve the homeless and to experience their gratitude and appreciation.

Thank you for your donations.