SaddleBrooke and its Pickleball Association believe in community service


Andrea Molberg

SaddleBrooke has a reputation for community service – raising money for Tucson military families, working at the Goose, staffing Kids’ Closet, getting residents to doctor’s appointments through Senior Village, serving on boards, mentoring young boys, placing abandoned pets, delivering the SaddleBrooke Progress to raise money to supply bicycles to kids, being pet therapists, etc., etc. Many individual members of SPA (SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association) gladly participate.

SPA will now join forces with SaddleBrooke’s Tennis Club to collect “gently used” court/tennis/athletic shoes and donate them to the homeless. Tennis club member Jerry Fay started this project and SPA eagerly agreed to help. You’ll find a bin for your shoe donations at the Ridgeview Pickleball courts.

Like other clubs wanting to make a difference, the pickleball club cleans up Edwin Road as part of Adopt-a-Highway and has participated in the Health Fair, distributing medical information cards to keep in your wallet or golf cart.

Get involved. Researchers have found that volunteering is one important source of joy. It benefits others and you at the same time.