SaddleBrooke Paper Crafters having fun

Carolyn McLean

What started as a cute idea after a lunch out and craft store shopping, Georgeann Becker, Connie Sheehey and Carolyn McLean were talking about how relaxed we’ve become about dressing up. That’s when Carolyn thought it would be fun to go to the monthly meeting dressed in a white blouse, blue jeans and of course, a strand of pearls. The three of them would show up in matching outfits to surprise the club.

But one of the co-conspirators, Georgeann, leaked the idea and when Carolyn McLean arrived at the meeting she was met with a classroom full of smiling crafters dressed in the fun uniform of the day. The joke was on her, but all agreed it made the monthly meeting into a formal affair.

They’re not sure what mischief might come up in the future; guess everyone will just have to wait and see. The SaddleBrooke Paper Crafters’ monthly meeting is held in the SaddleBrooke Arts and Craft room No. 4 on the second Wednesday each month at 1:00 p.m. and new members are always welcome. Contact our Vice President Opal Larkin at or call her at 520-825-4062.