SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club

We thought we were supposed to bring pots!

We thought we were supposed to bring pots!

A perfect potluck

Lynne Kumza

We did it again! Another fun filled party for 30 members of the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club. We normally would have had our Chit Chat and Chow (luncheon) at a local restaurant in November, but through the generosity and kindness of fellow member Deb Adinolfi, a Potluck was held at her elegant home in the Preserve.

Some of the ladies got a little confused. They thought we were supposed to bring pots, but we all got it figured out in the end. It was so nice to see several new faces from the new Novice class joining in on the fun.

The food was abundant, line dancing on the expansive patio was a pleasure and chatter was plentiful.

We started the evening in Deb’s spacious kitchen with scrumptious appetizers, took a break for a few dances on the patio as the sun was setting and then returned to feast on all of the delicious home cooking prepared by each member. There was so much food; it was hard to decide what to put on our plates. We also chose from several mouth-watering desserts such as decadent chocolate cake, tangy lemon bars, moist chocolate brownies, light as a cloud pumpkin pie and sweet cherry dump cake.

We had to shed the calories somehow, so we ended the evening with more dancing.

It is our desire for more residents of SaddleBrooke to join us in the pursuit of the joy of dance and making new friends. Choices, choices, choices! We have many choices to pick from: novice, beginner, intermediate and advanced line dancing. We dance five days a week at different locations in the Brooke. There are workshops, practice sessions, luncheons, parties and performances. For more information about our club; dance times, location, photos, videos and much more, check out our website at or contact our Treasurer Terri Gage at 262-8304.