SaddleBrooke Hiking Club’s February meeting features hiking in Patagonia and England

Jackie Hall and Larry Linderman

Jackie Hall and Larry Linderman

Larry Linderman

Two of the classic hikes on most international “Best Of” lists usually include the W trail in Patagonia and the Coast to Coast Trail in England. Last winter Larry Linderman and Jackie Hall traveled to southern Chile to hike the W, a five-day, 40-mile hike in the rugged Andes Mountain chain in southern Chile. Six months later they hiked 196 miles across northern England from the Irish Sea to the North Sea on a trail established by the famous English hiker, Alfred Wainwright.

There is a good reason that the latitudes of Patagonia are known as the roaring 40s. The wind is always a factor as it can suddenly gust from 40 mph to more than 50 to 60 mph in a second. Often it is strong enough to blow a person over. In England the hills are not terribly high but they are steep and apparently the English trail builders never heard of switchbacks. But to any person in good condition both trails will bring them to some of the most beautiful vistas in the world.

You can hear all about their adventures on Wednesday, February 15 at 4:00 p.m. at the HOA 1 Activity Center. The talk and slide show is presented by the SaddleBrooke Hiking Club and all SaddleBrooke residents, hikers or not, are welcome. A social hour at the HOA 1 Clubhouse will follow.