SaddleBrooke Hikers to help set a new 800 mile record

Elisabeth Wheeler

Is it possible to complete the whole Arizona National Scenic Trail in a day? Not by one individual. However, if hundreds of hikers, bikers and equestrian riders travel on every segment of the trail on October 6 it can be done. If successful in this effort, it will be the first time a National Scenic Trail has been completed in 24 hours.

SaddleBrooke hikers are encouraged to sign up to hike the Oracle Passage in two separate groups. Hiking group A will hike 4.6 miles roundtrip from American Flag Ranch trailhead to the boundary of Oracle State Park. Hiking group B will hike 8.6 miles from American Flag Ranch trailhead to Tiger Mine Road trailhead. Group A hikers will provide drivers to shuttle Group B’s cars to the Tiger Mine Road trailhead. Group A and B hikers will gather together at the Tiger Mine trailhead for refreshments and to celebrate their contribution to this new record!

To sign up for this special event email Elisabeth Wheeler or Ray Peale Indicate which hike you would like to do and if you are willing to drive. Donations of refreshments will be appreciated. Hikers will depart from MountainView parking lot at 7:30 a.m. Driver donation is $3.