Resident Authors: “Neptune’s Daughters: History’s Most Notorious Women Pirates.”

Barbara Marriott

SaddleBrooke author Barbara Marriott has set ten cunning, wily women out to sea to plunder and raid in Neptune’s Daughters: History’s Most Notorious Women Pirates. Almost every era was threatened by these women pirates and their surly, vicious crews. As early as 1200 and until the late 1930s, waters were made unsafe by their attacks.

The reasons for their chosen occupation were as varied as their personalities. Anne Bonny did it for love and adventure, Grace O’Malley plundered for the money to support her clan and the Irish cause, and Jeanne de Clisson wanted revenge for a husband beheaded over false accusations.

No seas were safe from these clever sailors. They attacked on the Irish Sea, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, even as far as the South China Sea, where the most vicious pirate of them all, Ching Shih commanded 2,000 pirates and hundreds of ships.

When asked why she chose to write about these women, Marriott replied, “Because so little is known about them and they are an important part of maritime history.”

Marriott offers up the biographies of these women for the reader to sail through history on famous waters with these unique pirates who made their mark in history by terrorizing the seas.

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