Regina Pang promoted to Green Belt

Carol Emerson

I am very pleased to announce that SaddleBrooke resident Regina Pang has been awarded the rank of Green Belt in the Ching Yi Kung Fu Tucson martial arts system (part of the Ching Yi Kung Fu Association, an international martial arts group).

Regina has studied with me for over six years and has learned the 108 move Yang Style Tai Chi Long form as well as the 108 move Tai Chi Mirror Image form. She is a dedicated student as reflected by her accomplishments and her beautiful Tai Chi.

Practitioners of the Mirror Image form do the entire 108 movements of the regular form, only in the opposite direction. This is quite challenging to the brain and body!

Regina’s mother, Seto Ha, also practiced Tai Chi. Seto Ha was born and brought up in the Canton province (now known as Guangzhou). She learned Tai Chi in one of the public parks near her home in Kowloon. Regina tells me her mother spent many hours practicing and that she was proficient in the Yang Style Tai Chi Sword form as well as Tai Chi Broadsword. Like mother, like daughter it seems!

Congratulations, Regina, for your hard work!