Posture and Balance One of the Many Focuses with Vital Moves

Pat Smith

“Stand up straight.” That’s timeless advice we’ve probably heard at one time or another. It’s worth heeding. Good posture is important to balance: by standing up straight, you center your weight over your feet. This also helps you maintain correct form while exercising, which results in fewer injuries and greater gains. And working on balance can even strengthen your abilities in tennis, golf, running, dancing, skiing, and just about any other sport or activity.

Throughout the many exercise classes and options that Vital Moves offers the residents of SaddleBrooke, focusing on and maintaining proper posture and balance during these sessions is encouraged and modeled by their expert fitness instructors. One such instructor is Signe Elwick, who has a B.S. in Physical Education/Exercise Nutrition, and a Doctor of Chiropractic. She is certified to be a Personal Trainer and a Certified Posture Specialist, with additional training in Osteoporosis Prevention, TRX Suspension, and Strength Training past 50.

Signe has dedicated the past 40 years to being an aerobic/fitness instructor and personal trainer. Prior to joining the Vital Moves staff, she practiced her skills at fairly famous resorts and spas like the Golden Door in California, and Miraval Resort and Spa, right here in Tucson, where she appeared on Oprah when the star visited Miraval.

Signe is a strong believer in the physics principle: a body in motion, stays in motion. She feels that all exercise programs should be built from a safe place, and increased as appropriate for each individual. She thinks that form comes first; do movement correctly and proceed from there. “Posture is so important because improper posture and body alignment can lead to musculoskeletal problems and pain.” Signe believes that alignment and posture are critical to the functioning of the entire body system. At Vital Moves, Signe is an instructor in TRX and she works with a cadre of clients as a personal trainer.

Vital Moves offers a variety of health and fitness classes, six days a week, at the SaddleBrooke One Fitness Center. Posture and Balance classes meet twice weekly, in addition to several Strength and Core Training classes, TRX Basics and Training, Yoga and Pilates, Cardio Drumming and Zumba, as well as Silver Sneakers. Stop in and talk to the director of Vital Moves, Janis Bottai, or contact her at 520-850-4089, or For additional information, visit their website Enjoy the process!