Pool Players of The Brooke vs. Quail Creek Billiards Club

Joe Giammarino

The Pool Players of The Brooke (PPB) would like to thank Quail Creek (QC) Billiards Club, Travel Team Director Dennis Desmond, QC President Chuck Asteleford, and their members for the friendly competition and camaraderie. Another big thank you goes out to Dominic Borland and Gary Barlow, Captains of the Pool Players of the Brooke Travel Team for organizing this event and making sure it was a success. They did a great job.

On Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020, at 9 a.m. the PPB hosted the Quail Creek Billiards Club at the beautiful Catalina Recreation Center’s (CRC) Billiard Room for an 8-Ball Team Challenge. We were competing on four eight-foot Connelly pool tables for temporary ownership of a bronze traveling plaque. The four PPB teams consisted of Dominic “The Doctor” Borland and Gary “One Rail” Barlow, Steve Searl and Joe “Fast Eddie” Giammarino, Phelps “Frnchfry” L’Hommediue and Fred “The Baker” Dianda, and Ron “Dbl07” Ridge and Randy “Thin Man” Smith/Chris Madsen. Our opponents from Quail Creek were Dave Kidwell and Jerry Sameshima, John Andersen and Jim Graham, Chuck Asteleford and Pat Nigro, and Mike Ohrel and Doug Decker.

The format was simple and interesting. Each of our teams would play each of their teams three games of 8-ball with each game won being one point for the winning team. There were a total of 48 points in the match. The first-round score was 7–5 in favor of Quail Creek, during the second round the PPB pulled ahead by winning the second round 8 to 4 making the score after the second round at 13–11 in PPB’s favor. The third round was a wash with each team winning six games to make the score 19–17 in favor of the PPB. The fourth round was the same at six games for each team to make the final score 25–23 with the PPB retaining ownership of the bronze traveling plaque, which went up on the wall in the CRC.

Good job PPB! We enjoyed the competition and the luncheon at the RoadRunner Grill following the 8-Ball match with Quail Creek. Congratulations to all the participants! Rack ‘em up!

You can also follow the PPB at https://poolplayersofthebrooke.blogspot.com/.