MP 2019 Mars-Venus Tournament

Venusian stars who shine brightly in the morning and the evening, but even brighter in the day when golfing with their favorite Martians.

Venusian stars who shine brightly in the morning and the evening, but even brighter in the day when golfing with their favorite Martians.

Ann Lange

The relationship between men from Mars and women from Venus is a gray area, but here in our own little happy and harmonious universe, it is quite clear. We adore each other, share the same solar system, rotate around the same golf courses, and enjoy a good swing fling playing around together. This was the second year for the peaceful pairing of the planets in lieu of the previous years’ War of the Worlds. The vibrant and valiant Venusians, luminescent Goddesses of Love and Beauty that they are, were tired of posing as venomous viperous vixens, and the mild and mesmerizing Martians, although Gods of War, did not like the bad rap they got in The Martian Chronicles as merciless machismo meanies. The second and fourth rocks from the sun met in the middle, and it became heaven right here on earth, and a beautiful aurora now hovers over the third rock from the sun, shining most brightly above the SaddleBrooke golf courses.

With a big bang start on Tuesday, Sept. 3 at The Preserve and again on Thursday, September 5 at MountainView, 12 ABCD teams made up of two MountainView Men’s Golf Association (MVMGA) gods and two MountainView Women’s Golf Association (MVWGA) goddesses received the blessing “May the Course be with you,” and boarded their cosmonaut carts. Using lightsabers, blasters, bowcasters, and other weapons of grass destruction from their bags, they orbited, scoring each hole by combining the best net ball of one god and one goddess.

For one team, the planets were perfectly aligned, the tees were placed just close enough, the pin was in just the right spot, and the hole was always just big enough. This Nova team, with a combined two-day score of 230, was Rennie Temple, Darryl Henderson, Janey Clausen, and Corky Bosch. The second place team, with a two-day score of 231, was Bob Ogle, John Cobb, Connie Sherman, and Ann Van Sickel. Star shooters whose asteroids landed closest to the white hole at The Preserve were Dan Nordhill, Ann Van Sickel, Ron Victor, Janey Clausen, Al Bolty, Dorothy Moore, Bruce Fink, and Midge Mollenkopf; and at MountainView, Bruce Fink, Corky Bosch, Dan Nordhill, Connie Sherman, Andrea Gray, Ellen Victor, and John Cobb. Although John got it right the first time, he was a super star, and took a second KP at MountainView. The scores for the 12 teams ranged from 230-247, and we thank our score master Mike Karpe for taking care of the aftermath from this golfing meteor storm, as well as Matt Hudson for making the announcements. The Mike and Matt team, or, as Ann Van Sickel calls them, “M Squared,” continue to support the MountainView/Preserve golf associations to the nth power to ensure the success of our fun and popular events.

A star party was held in the MountainView Ballroom following the completion of the friendly but feisty fairway feud, where the MountainView Bar and Grill staff launched Italian subs, chips, and cookies fit for a king, Jedi Knight, or any galactic golfer. Special appreciation was shown to our title sponsor, The Moore Advantage Real Estate Team (Dorothy and Lauren Moore) for their loyal support. The group applauded Janey Clausen, MVWGA president and Matt Kambic, MVMGA president for their astronomical effort and time-intensive planning and coordination of this stellar event. The Mars-Venus Tournament has made another circle around the sun, and together, the MPMGA and MPWGA thank their lucky stars and celebrate the incredible lives they have here in the Catalina Cosmos.