Move your body

Bonnie L. Schoenfelder

Moving to the music can be a great activity for people who like to dance and also for people who do not think that they can dance. By following simple patterns set to the music, a beginner can master a new dance in one short lesson.

While having a sense of rhythm or musical experience certainly helps, even those who are somewhat rhythmically-challenged can stay on beat during a line dance by watching those around them. The moves often punctuate the accents of the music, and the same set of moves repeats throughout the song, making it easy to practice and get better just by diving in. When dancers do get out of sync, you just wait a few beats and the dance will repeat.

Maybe you love to dance, but your partner doesn’t. You do not need a partner to participate in line dance; though many partners do it together. Anyone can join the line and have fun dancing along with the group. This makes it ideal for singles mixers or for community events where there will be a mix of both couples and single guests.

Some adults avoid line dancing because they don’t like country music. For others, embracing their inner cowboy is all part of the fun. Modern line dance is not limited to country; dances are set to Rock, Blues, Reggae, Latin and ballads of all kinds, so your favorite genre is likely to be included.

Line dance is just plain fun! You will get some great exercise, and it doesn’t even feel like work.

A new class is being offered at SaddleBrooke HOA 1 Fitness Center starting October 17 through December 5 at 4:30-6:00 p.m. – Move to the Music 2, featuring beginner/improver popular dances from 2015-17. The cost is $40.00. The focus of the class is movement, rather than memorizing. You will be dancing and having fun immediately. The class is taught by Bonnie Schoenfelder, 10-year member of the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club and Instructor for Bloomington, Minnesota, Parks and Recreation. Call 952-897-0291 to reserve your place or for questions, or write to