MountainView Bridge

Sue Bush

Before her life in SaddleBrooke, Betty Edwards, a regular player at the MountainView Bridge Club, was an assistant attorney general for Washington state, defending state employees and agencies at trial. When she retired at age 55, she became a snowbird and spent winters at Starr Pass in Tucson. Then, at age 60 she became so attracted to SaddleBrooke’s tennis program that she and her husband, Bob, moved here and stopped being snowbirds.

Betty started playing bridge with her parents, then stopped and did not start again until she walked into a duplicate bridge center in Seattle and asked, “Can I play here?” She was 44, her first husband had recently died, and she was looking for something to do. The director played with her and taught her the new American standard bidding system. She then remarried at 53 to Bob Hunt and played very little bridge until they moved to SaddleBrooke.

After moving here and starting back into bridge, Betty met Midge Miller, another regular at the MountainView game, and they started playing together. They took two over one lessons from Barb Feeley and have since gone onto play tournaments in Tucson and Phoenix. According to Betty, “It has been a great partnership despite our differing political views. Win or lose, playing with Midge is always fun.” And when you play against these two, you know they will give you a tough time with the cards but also some good laughs!

Finding enough gold points to become a life master had been a challenge, but she got the points at the Talking Stick Regional in 2018—playing with Midge.

Congratulations to first place winners in October (through Oct. 22): Midge Miller, Betty Edwards, Peter Godfrey, Bob Brussel, Jack and Arlene Mayfield, Al Spaet, Vicki Hanson, Joy Rieckers, William Keese, Marian Rogge, Donna DePesa, Sharon Wyles, Trudie Weber-Penta, Bob Murray, Bob Stotts, Steven Sahl, and Pam Thaut.

The MountainView game is held at the Catalina Room beside the Mesquite Grill on Tuesdays and Fridays at 1:30 p.m. Check the website at for possible changes. If you need a partner, contact Jo Ann Aiken at 520-256-2702 or