MountainView Bridge special events

Adair Karlin achieves Gold Life Master

Adair Karlin achieves Gold Life Master

Ann Kuperberg

Congratulations to Adair Karlin for achieving the rank of Gold Life Master.

The American Contract Bridge League holds special games a few times a year where players can get silver points. Those games are called Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaC).

Many SaddleBrooke Bridge players recently attended such games at several clubs and acquired points in a highly competitive atmosphere. In games with all levels of players, here are the names: Joan Merrill, Cam Mette, Adair Karlin, Marie Heald, Dick Quigg, Bob Brussel, Michelle Werley, Jim Wolf, Bud Smith, Arlene and Jack Mayfield, Ed Anderson, Bob Stotts, Steve Maltzman, Eric Vonderheid, Bob Murray, Betty Meyer, Loretta Wood, Vicki Hanson, Sharon Wyles, Tom Baker, Donna DePesa, Greg West, Marian Rogge, Trudie Weber-Penta, Ann Kuperberg and Peter Godfrey.

In games for players with under 750 master points, the names are: Carl Travor, Don Stenquist, Suzanne Ham, Judy Schlak, Barb and Ed Haugland, Barbara Starrett, Jim Gold, Tom and Barbara Marshall, Marilynn and Tom Baker, Uta Antony, Sonnie Davis, Fay Steele, Sandy French, Jane Pendley, Roberta Goldstein, Donna Sachrison, Barbara Ansell, Jim Huble, Bill Webster, Bruce Block, Jim and Terry Coe, Stephanie Parks, Ann Annis, Linda Quigg, Kay Galligan and Judy Kany.

Wow! Those are lots of happy people.

The MountainView Bridge Club also continues to challenge players to do their best and gain master points. Some of the same people who did well in the StaC games also did well in the weekly games.

Some advice from experts: Karen Walker says effective bidders maintain their concentration and composure. “The temptation to make up for the previous bad board — and make his opponent pay for the insult – can cause a player to make big mistakes in decision-making.” One more tip from Marty Bergen: “When there is time between hands, do NOT discuss bridge.”

Summertime and the livin’ is easy and even more fun at the Bridge table. Come join us on Tuesday and Friday afternoons at 1:00 p.m.