MountainView Bridge Club news

Sharon Wyles and Ann Kuperberg played on a Knockout Team at the Tucson Winter Regional; Photo by Sue Bush.

Sue Bush

Congratulations to first place winners at MountainView in March: Al Spaet, Eric Vonerheid, Loretta Wood, Marie Heald, Vicki Hanson, Bob Murray, Steve Malzman, Donna DePesa, Cam Mette, John and Arlene Mayfield, Sarah Baumann, Peter Godfrey and Bob Brussel.

A call for the director when you have made a mistake at the bridge table can sometimes feel like being sent to the principal’s office in high school. Barbara Rosenthal, who frequently directs at MountainView, explains that players need to realize that directors are not there to punish but to restore equity.

To avoid calling a director, players sometimes try to remedy the situation at the table. For example, when someone makes an insufficient bid, the opponents may simply allow that person to make the bid sufficient. But they actually should be asking for the director to explain their options. Insufficient bids enable the director to offer the next bidder the choice of accepting the insufficient bid. If she does not accept it, then the player who made the insufficient bid has the right to make it sufficient in the same strain (2H to 3H for example). If that person chooses not to do that and bids anything else, including a pass, then their partner is barred from bidding again.

According to Barbara, a penalty for slow play is at the discretion of the director. For example, you start play at a table five minutes late because the previous players did not complete their boards in the allotted time. The director may notice this, but you can also alert the director that, through no fault by your team, you may have insufficient time for completing your boards. If a board cannot be played because time runs out, the director may decide to give your team an above average score for that board.

In the January Bridge Bulletin, Jerry Helms discusses whether to make a splinter or Jacoby 2NT bid when partner opens a major and you have four card support, opening points and a singleton in another suit. He contends that you bid a splinter when you want to give information to your partner (shortness in a suit where partner may have losers) and Jacoby 2NT when you want information from your partner, hoping he or she will show shortness in a suit where you have losers.

The MountainView game is held at the Catalina Room beside the Mesquite Grill on Tuesday and Friday at 1:00 p.m. Check the website for possible changes. If you need a partner contact Jo Ann Aiken at 520-256-2702 or [email protected]