Metaphysical Study Group

Julie Goodman

SaddleBrooke Metaphysical Study Group will meet in the HOA 1 Activities Center on April 12, 2017 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. to present Pamela Hale’s Down the Rabbit Hole: Death Through the Lens of Alice, Mystics and Indigenous Teachers.

This imaginative presentation will give attendees a chance to ponder how we can move forward in our relationship to death and dying. Through reviewing the story of Alice’s adventures in a new, disorienting dimension, Pam will suggest that we can draw on the wisdom of indigenous peoples and ancient mystics for guidance.

“The nonsensical characters and experiences Alice meets in Wonderland can help us be with the dying with sensitivity and compassion and also help us be with ourselves as we go through great changes and find our old worlds and ways of dying. Come and address this taboo but important topic of death with childlike wonder, and leave with a new confidence that you can meet the unknown, just as you always have done,” says Hale.

Pam Hale, M.A. is a spiritual mentor, life coach and shamanic practitioner who loves partnering with people who want to meet the great changes in their life journeys by seeing them “Through a Different Lens—“ the name of her business.

A graduate of Stanford and Columbia Universities whose life was changed by cancer, Pam has studied and experienced indigenous wisdom and healing techniques with Four Winds Institute and in many parts of the world. She offers private sessions, healing of land and buildings, ceremonies, classes, and retreats for women.

Creator of the Sand Spirits Insight Cards, Pam is a blogger for Huffington Post and is author of the award winning book, Flying Lessons: How the Be the Pilot of Your Own Life.

She lives outside Tucson with husband Jon Trachta and is a photographer, private pilot and grandmother of five.

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