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This November Let’s Show Our Gratitude for Local Teachers!

Director Adrienne Ledford of Treasures for Teachers

Director Adrienne Ledford of Treasures for Teachers

Linda Drake

To all wonderful neighbors…

Let’s pitch in for a great cause! I am on the Board & Executive Committee for United Way of Southern Arizona (UWTSA). Each year, we set aside time for “Days of Caring,” where companies and individuals volunteer time to a related United Way notable cause. The website for our local United Way is

This year, I want to support Treasures for Teachers. (Please view their website at and watch the outstanding video about their donation from 100+ Women Who Care.) As a former teacher myself, I have been very disappointed to learn that teachers in Arizona fall into the lowest paid category in the U.S. And, our teachers pay for their supplies primarily out-of-pocket. The pandemic has created a huge gap in available supplies and caused teachers, working remotely or partly remotely, an additional challenge to have and distribute supplies to their students.

Treasures 4 Teachers is a thrift shop in commercial space set up for teachers from all over southern Arizona who can procure items for free or a substantially reduced cost. Thanks to SaddleBrooke TWO, we have a collection box conveniently placed at the Mountain View clubhouse lobby during the month of November. I am attaching a list of items that teachers truly need. The list is entitled “Tools for Teachers.” The items are a simple purchase on your next trip to a store or an additional item on Amazon. Please consider contributing to the collection box this month—a small gift will be a huge contribution to teachers in southern Arizona.

Items teachers need most right now:

* markers

* watercolors

* tape (all kinds)

* pencil boxes

* pencil pouches

* zip ties

* sandpaper

* pipe cleaners

* all art items

* cotton balls

* food coloring

* baggies (all sizes)

* play-doh & clay

* seeds (all kinds)

* sandpaper

* q-tips

* tissues

* hand sanitizer

Monetary donations are welcome or mail checks to PO Box 91144, Tucson, AZ 85752. Visit our website at or contact 520-425-3956 for more information; there is a donation button on the website.

On behalf of UWTSA and Treasures for Teachers, we thank you!