Jewish Friendship Group news

Marilyn Anthony

In March the Jewish Friendship Group (JFG) organized a docent-led tour of the new Tucson Holocaust Museum, which is adjacent to the Jewish History Museum on Stone Avenue. About 30 people from SaddleBrooke carpooled down for this activity. The highlight of the Holocaust Memorial Museum was the series of videos by survivors telling why they were able to survive and what they hope the next generation can learn from what happened. Some of the survivors live or lived in SaddleBrooke. Everyone found the visit to the museum to be very worthwhile.

Our thanks to Marsha Foresman for hosting the March coffee at her home which was enjoyed by all.

The April coffee will be hosted by Abby Greene and Margie Baron at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, April 27 at 62273 E. Moon Crest. RSVP by text or email to Margie Baron at 310-913-1383 No matter what is served, it will be delicious after having eaten matzo for a week!

The Book Club’s April meeting was held at the home of Marilyn Anthony and discussed the book And After the Fire by Lauren Belfer. This highly plausible piece of fiction deals with a real ethical decision of what to do with a newly discovered musical masterpiece which had extremely anti-Semitic lyrics. The author got it right on so many levels and especially the musical one given that she is married to a musicologist. The many dilemmas portrayed led to a wide ranging discussion on many levels. Thanks to whoever nominated this book!

The book for May is Doomed to Succeed: The U.S.-Israel relationship from Truman to Obama by Dennis Ross and will be led by Sam Horowitz on May 11. BYOL at 11:45 a.m. and discussion at 12:15 p.m. sharp. Drinks and dessert provided. As the subtitle suggests this is not a history of Arab-Israeli peace efforts per se, but rather of the evolution of Israeli-American diplomatic relations — except these two matters are so inextricably linked as to pose an almost semantic difference.

It is once again time to renew your membership in the JFG in the amount of $18 per person for 2017. Please send checks to Laurie Colen, 63845 E. Orangewood Lane. Please note that JFG free activities are open to members and their houseguests only.

For further information about the JFG, please contact Bill Kaplan at