Jerry Westra cranks up the Hole-in-One Train

Jerry in all his glory

Jerry in all his glory

Bob Edelblut

Some were beginning to wonder if something awful had happened to the MPMGA’s Hole-in-One Train. Tons of golf was played in January and not a single hole-in-one was reported. Were we heading into a drought, some asked?

Jerry Westra quieted all the naysayers on Thursday, February 2 at The Preserve Golf Club. It was, by the way, the first Men’s Club weekly event of the month and as I’m sure you all remember a hole-in-one on a regular event day guarantees free beer at the next monthly luncheon. Cheers were heard all across the course as the news was relayed! Thanks again, Jerry!

Every golfer who has played the Preserve has in their mind a picture of hole number six. There is virtually no escape for an errant shot—trouble is the hole’s middle name. Jerry felt that his shot was about 125 yards or maybe just a bit more as the pin was well back in the green. He chose a six iron for his shot and, like so many others who play the course regularly, he aimed left of his target knowing that a well-placed shot would roll down the side of the hill directly toward the green. At least that was his plan. The shot was perfectly executed and everyone watched as the ball crossed onto the green and headed toward the hole. Yes, Jerry was directing the ball’s course from his spot on the tee and seconds later he watched as it dropped to the bottom of the cup. Almost immediately Jerry’s playing partners Phil Noll, Mike Connell and Tony Heus began the traditional high fives. You can imagine the level of excitement Jerry was experiencing—great stuff! By the way, this was Jerry’s first hole-in-one and it only took him 30 or so years to make it happen. Congratulations again.